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No time to go to the beach to lay around in the sun for a tan? Thanks to modern technology, new fabrics allow the sun to pass through to your skin, while giving you the tan you always dreamed of. Whether working in the garden, walking the dog, or any other outdoor activity, you'll be getting a tan at the same time. Or go to the beach with a tan through swimsuit, and get a full body tan with your suit still on! Acting as a mild sunscreen, the typical tan through clothes offer a low SPF, while allowing you to get a great tan anytime you're out in the sun. We offer all the major brands of tan through clothes, from swimwear to everyday shirts.

In addition, we offer various accessories, suntan lotions, sunless tanning lotion, and other things you will need for your trip to the beach.

Please Tan Safely!
While a nice tan is beautiful, never overdo it!! Drink plenty of fluids, and don't try to do it all at once. Several short sessions in the sun are safer than one fast burn.

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